Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hollow Leg Eating Days….How to Handle

And when I mean I tipped it, I really did. I just could not feel full yesterday, no matter how much I ate. I chose healthy foods, but I could not put the lion back in the cage. I ate over 900 calories than goal minimum and it went into overnight eating and I put down more….about 750 calories or so!

I have been tracking slightly over a month, this was my worst "hollow leg" breach of the bunch. The old me, would be beating myself up, go into a deep depression, feel like I destroyed everything so what is the point…possibly go off the plan all together- for a very long time. Maybe YEARS.

The new me, just enters it, logs and tracks. I either win or I learn. As a lifetime food addict, I will have times like this….yet fewer in number as it has become insignificant. I simply keep logging and tracking and forget it. I know what will happen, over the next week, especially in the 3 days after this….I will eat far less. In fact, by tracking everything, I have discovered that I end up making up entirely for the "hollow leg" day.  Any eating I did after midnight, I put on my next day in the snacks area.  That way, I always understand what it was, as believe me, I will forget when or how I did this. 

Habits and recovery are journeys, not sprints to the finish line. Of course I wish it had not happened, but that too, is a fleeting thought not worthy of dwelling on it. When you go off of your plan, no matter how much it is, enter it, and forget it. By doing this, I easily lost 6 pounds in the 4 weeks of tracking. I am in week 5 now. I assure you I at the end of the next 4 weeks, I will have easily lost 4 to 6 pounds- no sweat! In the first 4 weeks, I had two "Hollow Leg" days. 

So that is the message on how to be happy…..record what you like or do not like about the food of the day…or night. Face it, but no recriminations or beating yourself up. In time, you will not have those "hollow Leg" days. It all works out in the big picture. Just keep logging and tracking, you will see results. Not everyday, that is foolish. But month to month.

 Happy Cooking & Tracking!

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