Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wine Glass With Measuring Marks & Calorie Counts……...

Now this is adorable and a wonderful gift!  I was chatting with my cousin about the nuts and bolts of "30 Days To Start My Diet", a title which is in progress…please, make your suggestions!  The topic came up that she likes to drink wine, and "that is her problem."  Well, I told her it was NOT a problem. Just dump the wine glass and start using a Pyrex Measuring cup…..after all, don't you think wine glasses should have handles? 
 But if you prefer, you can order this lovely glass which also comes in a no stem model.  I found it on Amazon for 19.95.

 (Measuring cups ARE cheaper!) 

The name of the product is:

Caloric Cuvee - The Calorie Counting Wine Glass

However, Mrs. Ratfire thinks a pyrex measuring cup would do the trick…..track your consumption like anything else, and see if you can include it but in a moderate fashion.  Over 30 days, I believe you can accomplish this. I broke all of my food issues in the first 30 days.  Some had traveled with me for decades. I still think this is a clever gift for any "foodie"!


  1. Oh Mrs. Ratfire I love a little vino with my meals. And drinking the bottles from my measuring cup is so much fun. Love your blog. Dr. L

    1. Dear Dr. L….Of course you like the wine glass! Where else would I find your comment….Thanks fcr visiting and keep coming back…..