Friday, May 2, 2014

Calories, Carbs & Fat…Oh My!

Bought a digital scale on Amazon today. My old one is fine- I have it set to a paper plate so I can eat off it or toss it to eliminate tray cleaning.  But these new scales have full nutritional data in them to display and lots of options ( some of them do.)  There are pocket models of simple scales for you restaurant folks!

Well, the Geek in me was lured to push that purchase button. Even if going on line to track does not feel like a fit for you,  I think this would. It came in red, blue, white and silver. Displaying the Nutritional Data Label is downright interesting…for anyone!

It is one thing to weigh a portion and then enter it- in time you have memorized a ton….I can probably rattle off calories and carbs like a walking  But to see it displayed, I think will cause adjustments before it is in the body, I have a lot memorized.  But this will cause small adjustments I am missing as it all adds up.  It will be instant. 

This logging and tracking became back in vogue due to technology. We all used to have the calorie or carbohydrate counter or BOTH in our purse. Then we entered into the endless diets of eat all you want of XYZ, but eliminate this entire food group and the magic will happen.  Most of us had times when we were younger that this worked.  But now, it won't or in my case I can't due to medical. Besides, those diets are downright boring.

The scale and calorie tracking due to data info at the finger tips has made a roaring comeback!  Remember, My Fat is free and can go on your phone……

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