Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weight Loss In First 30 Days

Weight LOSS……Month 1

I am happy to say, that this painless method has produced a 6 pound loss from where I started.  It took the first 3 weeks to trim and tighten to even get into a weight loss zone, however, the 6 pounds was not lost all in week 4.

When I started, the goal was 2000 Calories a day- I went over often.  Each week it got tighter and tighter. But I do oscillate.  Now in week 5.  My tightest week was week 4.  I was coasting at 1400-1500 without even thinking.  Had a "hollow leg" day in week 5 and it has taken 2 days to get back in line.  By tomorrow (day 3 after the breach), I will be back to the 1400 to 1500 range.

What will that breach mean over the month.  Not a darn thing.

I will still lose weight, over the month.  My calorie content will be higher some days and lower on others.  Occasionally, the lion will get out of the cage.  Now I just go put the little fellah back in!  I put him back on controlled portions and give him a break….he just needed a bit more food for a day or two to make it.  And he is purring again.

You see?  Eating something does not wreak a diet forever.  And over a month time, which is all I care about, it will be insignificant.

I plan to lose between 4 and 10 pounds a month with an average of 6.  That is my estimate.  Do I care how long it takes to knock off all of the weight I want?  Not a bit and neither should you.

My current data base I use for tracking is My Fat Secret. com, it has a free mobile app as well.  I love it!

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