Sunday, April 20, 2014

UNDER My Calorie Goal Today!  Time to Tweak the Diet…DAY 21

Sunday April 20 , 2014  DAY 21.    Sunday is normally a day I like to adjust calories, % of fat, carb, protein, sugar if needed and decide what the upcoming week will be.  I am firmly under my level today, with no pain, hunger or issues!  I have learned so much in the last 21 days.  I have conquered weak spots each week, and tightened up each week.  I can tell that my face is a bit smaller- which probably means I lost a bit.  But in my first 30 days, my goal was to track and tweak until I was consuming the amount of food I needed for reasonable weight loss, with no repercussions.  We have all heard it takes 30 days to build a habit.  I am putting that to the test!

As of today, I would not change a thing.  In week one, at times- I was over LOADS of calories  - one day it was 1300!  But today, the calories have been reduced, and I am under.  Easily.  I now measure everything and have reduced my healthy oils in cooking- the olive and canola.  Everything tastes great and I am released from hunger, madness, cravings and binging.  I have never been so free from food in my life.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Olive Oil Making Me Fat?

Well, if you eat enough too much it, yes.  We use too many fats in our diet, especially Olive OIl as it has been branded "the healthy oil", which is true, to a point.  It is healthier than eating an unhealthy oil in its place, but it is not a free pass to unlimited use.

The marketing of EVOO with all of the cooks on TV and branding has caused an astounding change to our use of this fat.  Back in the "Stop The Insanity" no fat eating craze, you would have never used as much, or at all!  If you have dieted  on anything popular in the years previous to this craze, you used some but not much.   Salad Dressing of all kinds was on all of our "NO NO" lists.  Now we use it without a blink.

Good day and thank you for visiting my blog.  I am writing this blog to cover my journey to health and happiness through losing my weight.  I have had a life time battle with the pounds, but I believe I have found a way to be released from the obsession with food, compulsive and emotional eating and a return to a smaller, happier me!

 I have not posted how much I weigh at this time, but I will post, that I have more than 100 pounds to lose.  I will post the figures when I am comfortable with sharing that.  I must do this one piece at a time, and today, it is too difficult for me to share.  But all is changing, at last.

  Join me on my journey to a life time plan, that controls and loses my weight without the pain. Please check back daily as I will be posting my experiences, which in turn, will help you too, realize your goals! Please feel free to post!

Thank You for Joining My Journey,

Mrs. Amelia Ratfire