Sunday, May 4, 2014

How Many Calories Can I Eat… Is Butter OK to use?

Good question….and here is the answer, yes!  And it is not a LOW CARB diet.  It is a logging and tracking diet and let your body tell you what it needs.  The principles of the diet are to give you 30 whole days to "start your diet".  On day 1 through 29, you log and track on a diet site and leave your calorie level at zero weight loss, or one pound at best.

Butter is 102 Calories A Tablespoon
Olive Oil is 120 Calories a Tablespoon

For example,  for your height and weight, the calculator says if you eat 2000 a day, you will maintain your current weight.  By calculator, I mean the FREE ones when you sign up at  Every time you go under, you will be in deficit, therefore losing weight (barring medical problems).  Each week, you will evaluate your daily logs of food.  You will notice it sliding downward.  Everyone who has tried this has slid down. Each week, the diet goal of being "under" the zero weight loss level hit more often. By week 3 or 4, I promise you, you will be on a diet!

Now a days,  I come in around 1400, others days 1300, others yet, 1700 to 1800.   If I do go over, which is rare, I automatically just cut more the next two days and level up.  No thought, no pressure.  Set your diet monitor to be at ZERO WEIGHT LOSS.  See how often each week, you do go under that number.  If you do, you are on a diet! No pain, no suffering, no food groups eliminated.

Once you are comfortable in that food quantity range, you can lower your calorie count. By easing your body into the change, you will succeed!

Of course your body is SCREAMING at you, like a hungry infant, if you tomorrow morning, cut your calories in half! 

If I told everyone to be at 1500 each day and they will lose weight, I promise you, I would be incorrect.  No one diet can account for all of the heights, weights and activity on the planet and hand you ONE solution.

So, back to butter.  I have never seen a calorie restricted diet that had butter on it.  A Tablespoon has 102 calories in it. Olive oil is about 120.  There are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon.  You just made some fresh green beans and they are covering about 1/2 of your plate (I am using 8 inch plates).   Most diets tell you to squeeze lemon on them, shake seasonings, eat plain. If that works for you do it. But most of us cannot face dreary bland vegetables day after day.

If the green beans cover 1/2 of my 8 inch plate, I would use about a 1/2 teaspoon on them. Paired with just 4 ounces of roast chicken (breast meat,skin removed) with BBQ sauce. I would likely refill the green beans with a second 1/2 portion and use the other 1/2 teaspoon.  A teaspoon of butter has 34 calories in it.  I would enter it in the Food Diary and dinner was delicious! No bland veggies for me!  Of course there is the issue of butter not being a healthy fat.  That is true, but in moderation, it DOES FIT into a calorie controlled diet.

Recently I purchased Brummel & Brown Spread- which is yogurt and vegetable oil based.  It is 45 calories a Tablespoon and I LOVE the taste! 

All I am requiring you to do is measure, weigh and enter into your on-line food diary.  Send me a message that you have started and I will twirl my magic wand your way, and you will be on a diet.

You have 4 weeks to practice- in the 30 days I did this, I lost 6 pounds, I did not suffer a bit.  I am in my diet stride, and doing great (I am in week 6)!  I will post the second round of weight loss after week eight.  I only care about weight as it is month to month not day to day.

So yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus….and yes, my dieting friend, there is butter if you measure and record!

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