Saturday, May 3, 2014

New No Excuses Mantras…..

I Am Not A Dog….I don't reward myself with food!  (My Personal Favorite!)

Old Excuse: “If I deprive myself now, I’ll just eat more later”
New Mantra: “I’m making a choice, not a sacrifice.”

Old Excuse: “I deserve a treat after the kind of day I’ve had”
New Mantra: “I deserve kindness, not calories.”

Old Excuse:”It’s a special occasion.”
New Mantra: “Special doesn’t mean stuffed.”

Old Excuse: “I need to listen to my body, and it wants ice cream.”
New Mantra: “What I want isn’t necessarily what I need.”

Old Excuse: “I’ve been really good lately.”
New Mantra: “I’ve been feeling really good lately, and I want to keep it that way.”

Old Excuse: “I’ll work it off later.”
New Mantra: “I’ll work out now and treat myself later.”

Mantra To Live By: "Strive for Consistency…Not Perfection."

Any others out there? Please post! 

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