Friday, May 2, 2014

Belly Blaster- Lose Weight With Magnesium!

I have decided to review the latest "pop culture" of supplements, diets, tips or tricks and whether or not I would use them.  Even if it is not for me….you may want to take a whack at it. What works is the correct plan!

Dr. Oz is making incredible weight loss claims again with a simple recommendation….adding Magnesium to your diet.  He interviewed author of the book, 21-Day Tummy by Liz Vaccarariello.  Of course the stories used were quite sensational!  Claims of losing 19 pounds of Ab Flab and 4.5 inches in 21 Days!  Now, lets not be ridiculous….first of all, the rate of weight loss is not sustainable, even if it did happen.  And I doubt this person only added Magnesium to achieve this.  I picture them eating one lemon a day and a bottle of magnesium and that is about it.  Oh, and they probably exercised every minute their eyes were open.  

But alas, I am not here to judge, just to give you a preview of the concept, it is up to you if you want to invest in the book and go whole hog…a flat, slim hog of course.  

In a nutshell, the magnesium is supposed to boost levels of the tummy flattening "skinny bacteria" in your digestive tract, which should result in a flat tummy.  He noted that 'it is the missing piece of the puzzle.'  However, a new breakthrough undoubtedly will take that crown next week, so that is the big missing link, this week.

Supposedly, it is believed per this book, that 72% of the population is deficient in magnesium!   According to Dr. Oz, taking it along with the 'simple diet' in the book and you will blow away fat as well as inflammation!  He believes anyone can take 400 mg safely, but to check with your doc.  Well, I do take that much and have so for years.  A muscle cannot contract or relax with out magnesium and calcium; I have taken them in response to muscle problems for over 20 years.  Based on this theory, I should have lost about 37225 pounds at least, and be as flat as a pancake.  I will say, by personal experience, magnesium is very good for your muscle skeletal system but for weight loss?  Well, the bacteria thing is probably true and when combined with a healthy diet, would help. What nutrient wouldn't?  Will it blast it away? Doubt it.  I do support taking supplements in general.  We all need general  nutrition as well as addressing our personal issues of health. 

The book does offer a diet to reduce the bad bacteria diet and increase the good bacteria to in essence, create the weight loss. I am sure for some people, it will be true and be their answer.  For those who's wheels are turning…charge on! The special magnesium rich diet with the bad bacteria reduction may put the finishing touch on someone with just the belly left to lose!

For me, I think it is interesting, but I will not be buying the book.  And that wraps up the latest miracle fat cure from our friend, Dr. Oz!

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