Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Falling Off the Plan and Back ON

I had two days of overeating that were depressing.  Although my calories never crossed 2400, it was much more than I normally ate.  I was emotionally eating.

The next two days, I continued- after Memorial Day was over, I started gaining my senses. I still did not track the day after, and it made me rather unhappy.  I had taken a full blown detour and broke my own policy to ALWAYS log and track, no matter what!

Now the new day is here. I am logging and tracking again and on my way. That is a good feeling. To start again with clear goal to continue.  This is a marathon not a sprint to the finish.

No one starts a food plan and stays on it flawlessly until every pound is gone.  No one does that.  The key to success is going back on, not concentrating on a failure.

Keep going!

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