Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Little Engine That Could, Loses Weight!

"I think I can, I think I can, I really think I can. 
And I can do most anything if I just think I can!" 

Positive thinking is a habit of which can be learned.  Do you talk to yourself in a destructive manner every time you make and error or eat a potato chip? This habit will destroy anyones dreams.  

Through your "30 Days To Start A Diet"  you need to be particularly careful of this habit and start to break it.  I have never seen anyone succeed on a diet by beating themselves up at every flaw. Or succeed at  anything,  for that matter.   How can you take care of someone you are always criticizing?  You cannot think, that when your weight is gone, you will be happy. Until then, you do not deserve it.  You just hooked another train to your already tired little engine. 

Olympic Skaters think much differently than you do.  They have fallen hundreds of thousands of times. They get up, and try again.  They win or they learn. That is how they make their way to the podium. One day at a time.

Russia’s Julia Lipnitskaia 2014 Olympic Games
         Do you think this skater could do this on one try?
 She is "A Little Engine That Could"!  
When you find yourself calling yourself names or your brain is rambling into  self-criticism over eating some lousy potato chips, I am now your prescribing physician-  you must STOP, at once!   Rewire your thinking and change the self-talk.  

If I called you and told you that " I ate some potato chips and now I am an idiot, a failure, a stupid fat person that can never do this ever", what would you say to me?   I think you would for one, be confused as to how I let my emotional state get like this.  Secondly, over some chips? Lastly, you would start to put me in prospective.

You would tell me to not call myself names and to understand that I am human. You would then tell me what a wonderful person I am!   You would tell me to just enter it into your log and forget it.  Eventually, you would tell me that a day with chips does not mean the end of your food plan or your whole life.  Just log it and keep on!  We are talking about potato chips here, not a crisis.  And for good measure, my dear friend YOU, would remind me that over a one month time frame, this means NOTHING.

That is what I am telling you to do for yourself.  Put this in prospective and  NO self-criticism!  This habit just makes everything WORSE, it inspires NO ONE.  I would not be inspired if you insulted me and told  me off over some lousy potato chips.  So, why would you do this to yourself?

Do not give up.  Stop the self-criticism. This WILL take practice.  Every time you  catch yourself, stop it and tell yourself words that are  OPPOSITE of what you are saying.  In time, it gets easier to break the habit. 

The "Little Engine That Could" found self-talk to get her up that hill. You can too!  

"One Day At A Time my friends."  Words to live by. Now chug on little train! 

If you have not read the "Little Engine That Could" recently, today is your day.  You can find people reading aloud at U-tube as well as a plethora of animated features and singers, including American Balladeer, Burl Ives!

This U-tube of Julia Lipnitskaya took my breath away.  She is only 15.  Her movement defies the laws of physics!  The end is very good.  That is when you can see her innocence, humanity and pure joy! 

Julia Lipnitskaya Sochi Olympics Sochi 2014 1st place


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