Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Food Entry Tip- Decimals or Fractions Both Work!

Just a quick tip if you are using, My Fat Secret to log and track all food and exercise.  The site allows you to use decimals or fractions when putting in portions.

For example, you just ate some boneless, skinless chicken breast.  You entered that in the search box on the food diary and many selections came up.  Open one and view the drop down menu of portions all all of the foods to pick the most accurate.  However, none of the measured amounts matched your consumption.  What do you do?

If the portion was 4 ounces, and you ate 3/4 of it, you can either put in .75 in the serving box or 3/4 and the item calculates itself.  This is particularly handy if the portion is in a fraction, such as 1/4 cup.  You only used 2/3 of that and you do not want to do the math!  Enter the fraction and it calculates on its own. Almost ALL of the foods have it calculated into grams instead.

This is just one example of how convenient this site is for your tracking.  A German Shepherd to do it!

Keep tracking, if you have any questions- please ask!


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