Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diet Break…Incorporating a Break into the Diet And still lose weight!

Well it has been almostt 8 weeks or so. I had several days that I binged last month, I recorded it. As of lately, I need one. Not a deadly, guilt ridden crazy stuffing- just higher fat for one than I am eating. I cut it super close yesterday and ate 1900 calories- a 100 more than my outside limit. I normally average about 1500. But I have felt very unsatisfied all day. So I decided to do a break day. I am eating what I want, but recording it. It is not that bad, I am feeling okay with it and satisfied. In month one, my 3 binges were 2300 or so.  Today and yesterday, a bit high but nothing like the old ones.  I can't imagine eating that much now in general.  Right now I set my limit at 1800, had a few breaches.  Month one, I had the limit at 2000 and the first two weeks, it was hit and miss.  It is MUCH easier now to stay on that path.  And what does it mean if I go off, NOTHING.

As my food intake is controlled now, the binge ail not be as deep or as long as the last one. And you know what I say about binges- this too shall pass!

Everyone goes up down and sideways on calories- just just track it no matter what, I do get back on my plan right away.   The old me could take  weeks, months or years  due to the "failure" self talk. There is NO way to wake up one morning, start a food plan and NEVER vary until you lose all of the weight. It is ridiculous and if this is the  expectation, you will be disappointed. If you put more value on this than it is worth- you could end up quite depressed and stuck there a ling time- we all have done that.

Enter your food, even if the food is not standard or on plan food.  No one told you to log and track and only enter what you want. You bite it, you write it.  Expect some on and offs. As time goes no, the off days are fewer and far and you actually enjoy them less, the back on is easy and it is over. The first month I probably had 3 binge days. The second month which is not over, I have had one and a few days I hit the calorie limit. Over the month, this means NOTHING. If you track your food in My Fat Secret, you can open the calendar and see the month view. It will then show what you averaged per day based on the current month.

Happy Dieting! Encourage Each Other- it helps a lot!

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