Friday, May 2, 2014

Basic Plan to Lose 100 Pounds….

"What Is the Basic Plan to Lose the 100 Pounds?"

Well, lets begin by telling you, I did lose 100 pounds once.  In a nutshell, I starved and exercised myself to death.  I ate nothing but vegetarian, whole foods, wheat grass, carrot juice…..I did this for many months and lost that weight.  I was also exercising 4 x a week, extensively, including swimming.  I worked day and night doing this, as well as a stressful sales job,  and eventually, could not take it any more.  I stopped. I was hungry. I was tired and I was miserable.

I only relapsed 20 pounds or so. It has been 7 years.  Now, I want to stay on a diet and NOT be miserable.  I have shelves of diet books I could pick- they all sound like "THE ANSWER" while you are reading them.  They are sold on this premise.  In the end, few people stay on them long enough to reach goal.  And the vast majority re-lapse and regain.  All of these radical plans for most people, are just too difficult to be on.

Well, I was sick of tired of being well, sick and tired.  I felt a sense of weight on my chest that was annoying me.  It was over.  I needed a new track and it was time.  Another senseless diet book was crossed off my list.  In fact, I put them all up for sale on Amazon and those that were worthless to Goodwill.  I was done.

I decided to log and track my food for one month, to see what would happen.  If I could develop the habit of logging and tracking - and give myself a month to attain being on a diet, I figured I would have a clearer head on what to do.

I found a FREE data base on line to log.   I found "My Fat Secret"

 I logged and tracked every crumb.  If I ate in a shear coma all night and added an extra 1000 calories, I put it in.  (A small jar of nuts can do this!).  I could barely hit the 2000 calorie limit I had each day- may have hit it once in the week.  The following week, I hit it more often. By week three, I was in my stride.  Under everyday and feeling released from the burden of food and the addiction there of.  I go up and down in the calorie range. 2000 is the maximum- no I cannot lose weight on that amount, but that is not the point.  The more often I come in under, the more often I will lose weight. Simple.

I gradually tightened up- week 4 was great!  I had gotten rid of a lot of over use of healthy fats- they are not a "free food".  Olive oil packs in 124 calories a tablespoon.  I weighed myself when I felt like it- I saw my weight go down, go up and stay sideways…..I did not care. It meant nothing.

By the end of the month, I finally had a good morning to weigh- and over the month with no stress or hard work or misery- I lost 6 pounds!  Six real pounds, not water weight.  It was over the month, not the week…..that is important!  That we look at it over a SPAN of a month.  No freaking out because your weight goes up one morning- I promise you, that is going to happen.  Water weight, undigested food, will up and down your body weight. Remember this is:

Weight Fluctuations Are:
Fact, not Fat.  Forget it. 

Now in week 5, I did have a "Hollow Leg Eating Day" titled that in this blog.  Yes, I could not feel full no matter how much I ate.  My binge tapered off the NEXT day.  Now it is over.  Way over.  And guess what that breach will mean over a month?  NOTHING.

When you fall off, you get back on.  So, that is the big secret.  You log and track and dedicate yourself to ONE MONTH to get on your diet.  ONE MONTH- not "I am starting my diet tomorrow."  If that worked, you would not be reading this.

 One entire month of tracking, enter everything, look back over logs as you feel inspired. Tighten up and tweak as you go….I know, at the end of your month, you will be on a diet.  Painless, no stress, no feeling like you are a hungry lion in a cage…..if for years, 'starting my diet tomorrow' has not worked, then what do you have to lose?  You will start your diet.  You are going to be on it in one month.  It may happen faster, however, you have one complete month to put it all in line. Try this….just log and track. Nothing more, nothing less!

 Join me on this "Magical Mystery Tour" of the pounds!

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  1. I am new to your blog…I love the plan! I will start logging & tracking tomorrow, I am on my way now to set up my account at My Fat Secret! Thanks- Janet M